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Aztec Hardware

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Quick turnaround on quotes, competitive pricing, and on-going support in bringing a project to completion: These are the qualities that oil and gas producers, mining and power plant project managers and their contractors have come to count on from ESSCO Pipe & Supply in the last three decades.

With its easily accessible yard, warehouse and expansive inventory, ESSCO often has the pipe and parts you need on hand. If not, our strong relationships with our 100+ suppliers can get that specialty order in and hot-shot it to your location.

Our goal at ESSCO is get you on your way to that remote location with everything you need to complete your task. Call us and we’ll pull your order and have it ready to load when you get here.

Oilfield/Industrial Products

Polyethylene (PE) Pipe & Fittings

• All pressures, sizes, wall types and applications

Steel Pipe & Fittings

• Black cast iron
• Galvanized
• Ductile iron
• MJ Fittings


• Submersible, Centrifugal
• Sewage, Effluent, Sump, Trash (Electric & Engine Drive)

Water Systems

• Dresser Type Couplings
• Brass Tapping Saddles
• S.S. Full Circle Repair Clamps
• Compression Repair Couplings

Hose & Fittings

• Suction hoses, Discharge Hose
• Quick Couplings (Plastic & Aluminum)
• K.C. Nipples Plastic Inserts

Poly Tanks

• Water tanks, chemical tanks (all sizes, 35-5000 gal)
• Vertical, Horizontal, Truck-bed mount

Culvert (Plastic & Metal)

• 12”-70” in stock
• Lengths—10’ & 20’ Annular ends

Gauges (Dry & Liquid filled)

• All sizes & pressure ranges
• Open-face
• Remote read


• Utility Markers (Pipe Line)
• Caution Tape
• Detectabler Marker Tape,
• Tracer Wire
• Marker Paint


• Utility, Resilient, Wedge, Gate
• Gate & Ball Valves in Brass-Plastic-Cast Iron
• Automatic Control

Other Industrial Items

• Victaulic Fittings
• Misc Tools & Supplies
• Flange Gaskets & Bolts

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