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Aztec Hardware

636 NE Aztec Blvd. Aztec. Ph: 505-334-6572

Our accessible yard on West Main in Farmington includes the pipe, fittings, culvert, poly tanks, valves, gauges, meters, hydrants, hoses, pumps that contractors and project managers need to complete their water, gas, sewer and drainage control projects. Specialty and large product orders are accessed through our major vendors.

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Complete list of Suppliers

Our customers include:

• Municipalities (Waterworks, Industrial)
• Rural water user associations (Waterworks, Agricultural)
• Industrial customers—Oil/gas, power plants, mines, pipelining
• Contractors—commercial & residential
• Government agencies—tribal, forest, land management, parks, schools
• Farmers, ranchers, landscapers, property managers, homeowners



There’s more to pipe than price, and ESSCO has the team to deliver on product and service.

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ESSCO’s easily accessible yard, warehouse and expansive inventory often has the pipe and parts you need.

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ESSCO’s water expertise comes from decades as the leading supplier of plastic pipe products.

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ESSCO is the one-stop supply source for the rural/residential water user.

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