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Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona—the quality of rural living in the 4 Corners is largely dependent on access to the prized resource of water.  ESSCO provides products to assure that every drop of this resource is managed and protected for maximum efficiency and conservation—some examples:

• Plastic pipe that delivers safe, clean water to a home
• Pumps that pull water from underground or groundwater sources
• Culverts that protect structures and roads during times of abundance
• Septic tanks that protect health and water

ESSCO is the one-stop supply source for the rural/residential water user.

ESSCO supports rural water associations, making every effort to assure the products they need are on hand or quick order for the important work these associations do to provide clean, safe water to rural residents.

ESSCO has the largest inventory of plastic tanks in the 4 Corners, providing options for above and underground water storage, pickup bed tanks for hauling, in sizes from 35 to 5000 gallons (and larger with special orders!)

Refer to our page on agriculture to learn how ESSCO provides products to the rural resident who enjoys gardening, farming, raising niche produce items (think tomatillos or lavender) or even growing one’s own hops or grapes for personal brewing and wine-making!

Rural/Residential Products

PVC Pipe, Fittings

• Schedule 40 & 80
• Classes 160, 200, C900
• Plastic Irrigation Pipe (PIP) & Gated Pipe
• Sewer Line (Main/Leach)
• Installation Tools,Glue, Primer,Gaskets,Bolt Kits

Pumps (Industrial, Agriculture, Residential)

• Submersible, Centrifugal, Jet
• Irrigation, Sewage, Effluent, Sump, Trash (Electric & Engine Drive)

Water Systems

• Meters
• Meter Setters
• Valves
• Dresser Type Couplings
• Fire & Flush Hydrants
• Brass Tapping Saddles
• S.S. Full Circle Repair Clamps
• Compression Repair Couplings

Field Sprinklers, Accesories

• Pop-Up—Spray & Rotor
• Impact Rotors, Filters
• Automatic Valves ½” – 2”
• Landscape fabric
• Valve Boxes

Poly Tanks

• Septic Tanks, Leach Line, Chambers
• Fittings, Drain Field Fabric
• Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks (all sizes 35-5000 Gal.)
• Vertical, Horizontal, Truck-bed Mount

Culverts (Plastic & Metal)

• Size 12″- 70” in stock
• Lengths 10′ & 20′ Annular Ends
• Meter Cans, Lids Available

Gauges (Dry & Liquid Filled)

• All Sizes & Pressure Ranges
• Open-Face
• Remote-Read


• Utility, Resilient, Wedge, Gate
• Gate & Ball Valves in Brass-Plastic-Cast Iron
• Automatic Control

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